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Bishop Galeone of St. Augustine, Florida Presides at the MIM Launching

H. E. Most Rev. Victor Galeone, DD, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida.

On 17 August 2002, the Mother Ignacia Movement held its launching at the St. Catherine Parish Catholic Church.  Presiding at the Eucharistic Celebration was His Excellency Most Reverend Victor Galeone, DD, Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida.  Concelebrating with him at the Mass were the Pastor and his Associate of St. Catherine's Parish--Reve. James Boddie nd Rev. Jose Kulathinal.  Bishop Galeone preached the homily.

In his homily Bishop Galeone expressed his deep appreciation for the Filipino community who pooled their resources together in order to come up with the significant event--to promote the cause for the beatification of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.  He elaborated on the name "Ignacia" which means "enlightened".  To him it was providential that the Servant of God was baptized "Ignacia del Espiritu Santo"--a name that connotes "light and Holy Spirit".  Then he brought to the fore the oft-repeated passage "As the tree lives, so shall it die."

From the account of Mother Ignacia's life, he singled out the holiness of the Servant of God as manifested in her prayer life up to her last moment  on earth.  Dying on her knees after receiving Holy Communion was indeed an extraordinary situation.  It is a privilege given to whom God chooses.  And for Mother Ignacia, it was a culmination of a life that had Christ for its center--a life spent in ministering to those who needed help without discrimination, especially to the poor.  This can only be possible when one has a deep faith in God and has love for Him.

As an aside, Bishop Galeone wished that Mother Ignacia's beatification would take place while he is still alive as he hoped to be present in Rome for that event.  So he exhorted everyone to pray more fervently that Mother Ignacia's beatification will soon be realized.

The MIM Launching Rites

The launching rites took place before the final blessing of the holy Mass.  This was highlighted by the acceptance of the new members to the Mother Ignacia Movement.  Bishop Galeone inducted the new members after Sister Maria Nicetas Dael, RVM had briefed them on the nature of the Movement and their role as MIM members.  As soon as they were inducted, they were declared bonafide MIM members on behalf of the National MIM Board of Directors chaired by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, DD and Very Rev. Msgr Josefino Ramirez, HP for its president.

Mr. Ignacio Pecore and the RVM Sisters from New Jersey--Sister Maria Cornelia Ramirez, Sister Maria Josielinda Tanudtanud and Sisters Maria Mansueta Dolalas--coordinated with the MIM organizers in the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida.  Through the RVM Sisters' invitation, Sister Maria del Carmen Yap, RVM joined their group to attend the activity.  Mrs. Carmen Cuevas and her husband, Manny, were the prime movers in having the activity organized.  An avid promoter for the Cause of Mother Ignacia's beatification--Mr. Ray Gandionco--was likewise present.  he came all the way from West Palm Beach, Florida to witness the event and was generous enough to offer his car services to the Sisters.  The Esparagoza couple from Georgia directed the choir during the Mass and the trinitarian Sisters under Mother Elena Suico volunteered to join the choir.  One of them chanted the Responsorial Psalm.

On the whole, the MIM launching proved to be successful.  The newly-in-ducted members were enthusiastic to work in whatever capacity possible for them.  From Orange Park, Florida about eight of them came for a meeting in Jacksonville on August 24th, at the Ferrer residence to plan an activity to celebrate the 254th death anniversary of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.

St. Catherine's Parish Church, Orange Park, Florida venue of the MIM launching

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