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Cardinal Law of Boston Presides Over Mother Ignacia Movement Launching

His Eminence Bernard Francis Cardinal Law, DD
Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts

On 10 June 2000 the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts under His Eminence Bernard Francis Cardinal Law, DD celebrated Pentecost Sunday along which the launching of the Mother Ignacia Movement (MIM) took place.  The Holy Cross Cathedral was the venue of the activity that was held at 11:00 o'clock in the morning.

Cardinal law's homily centered on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.  By way of reminding those present he said: "How important it is to realize that the gift of the Holy Spirit is not a static reality.  The image of the Holy Spirit speaks to us in time of mission.  We see this in tongues of flames and the strong wind which hovered over the first Christians."  Further he added: "The power of the Holy Spirit enables us to proclaim that Jesus is Lord in the holiness of our lives, in all our decisions, in the way we overcome temptations...all this through the vigor, the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives."

Speaking briefly about Mother Ignacia, Cardinal law mentioned that the existence of the Religious of the Virgin Mary Congregation is a "solemn fruit of holiness" that comes from the Holy Spirit.  He pointed out that "This is one of the indications of the presence of the Holy Spirit by whom love is poured into our hearts...the same Spirit whose gift of love enables the Church to continue to exist...the love that unites us all together."  Then he endorsed Mother Ignacia's cause for Beatification, saying : "I invite you all to remain and contemplate the life of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo and to support the promotion for the cause of her beatification."  Somewhere in his talk he said: "Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo is an example of what we see in the congregation that looks up to her as their foundress...we see a sign of holiness in her."

The day, being Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Mass was in honor of the Holy Spirit.  For it to have a solemnity it deserved, the launching ceremonies of the Mother Ignacia Movement was done separately from the Mass.  The liturgical entourage marched out to the sacristy after the final blessing of the Mass and immediately came back in the same group for Cardinal law to preside over the launching rites of the Mother Ignacia Movement.

About 3,000 people were present for the day's activity. Delegates from new York and New Jersey attended to witness the event.  Filipino Groups represented were:  The Philippine Nurse's Association of New England, the Santo Nino Prayer Groups of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Iskwelahang Pilipino, Kapatiran sa Massachusetts, Filipino American Associations of New Hampshire, Newport County, greater Boston, and of New England; Filipino Student Council of Colleges and Universities in North East, Dance Philippines, Phil. Dance Company of Boston, Inc., Phil. Medical Association of North East, Filipino American Arts Society, The Lord of Pardon Prayer Group, Mother of Perpetual Help Prayer Group and Santo Nino Mission Society of Boston

Predominantly composing the congregation in attendance were Filipinos so the KASAMA choir rendered religious hymns in Pilipino to embellish the English songs provided by the Holy Cross Cathedral Coir thereby lending more color to the celebration.  Reception was held at the Cathedral Cafeteria with Cardinal Law gracing the occasion with his presence among the guests.

MIM Lunching Organizers Deserve Commendation

The launching of the Mother Ignacia Movement in the Archdiocese of Boston proved to be a roaring success.  The plan of activities was implemented to the letter.

As soon as the ministers of the liturgical entourage headed by His Eminence Bernard Francis Cardinal Law, DD were back in place, Rev. Timothy Ngodcho, S.J., delivered the opening remarks and proceeded to the introduction of the RVM Sisters-Maria Del Carmen Yap, Maria Nicetas Dael, Maria Cornelia Ramirez, Maria Josielinda Tanudtanud, and Maria Mansueta Dolalas.  The Sisters sang ULIRAN joined by Ignacio Pecore, the MIM Coordinator from New Jersey, and Aida Valderama of Quezon City, Philippines.

Cardinal law inducted the members of the MIM Core Group after Sister Maria Nicetas, RVM has given a brief talk on the "nature, goal and objectives" of the Movement, in her capacity as MIM National Executive Secretary, based in the Philippines.  Mother Ignacia pins were then distributed to the newly inducted group composed of coordinators, namely: Teodoro Candaza, Manuel Felina, Lourdes Javier, John Manuel, Adela Ramirez, Victoria Samonte, Isolina Dimaglia, Nenita Jacildo, Asuncion Lucero, Gloria Platon, Linda Ravenscroft and Fracel Solar.

Selected members of the "Dance Philippines" performed a thanksgiving number followed by the presentation of gifts of the Filipino Community to His Eminence Bernard Francis Cardinal Law and to the RVM Congregation represented by Sister Maria Del Carmen Yap, RVM and Sister Maria Nicetas Dael, RVM.

              Holy Cross Cathedral of Boston Archdiocese, the venue of the MIM launching

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